12 Ways to Eat Pumpkin for Breakfast this Fall

Could you eat pumpkin morning, noon, and night?  I’m here to help, with 12 delicious ways to eat pumpkin for breakfast.

12 recipes for eating pumpkin for breakfast

1.  Source: My Life Cookbook

paleo cinnamon pumpkin granola

Cinnamon pumpkin granola–it’s gluten free and paleo, and absolutely delicious!

2. Source: Veggie Desserts

baked pumpkin donuts with dark chocolate glaze

These baked pumpkin donuts with dark chocolate glaze are absolutely decadent for breakfast.

3. Source: Tikkido

Pumpkin cranberry scone recipe, topped with cranberry butter

Cranberry pumpkin scones are absolutely magical when topped with clotted cream and homemade cranberry butter.

4. Source: Happy Hooligans

pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

Chocolate for breakfast?  And pumpkin?  Pass me the basket of these muffins.

5. Source: The Frugal Fairy

Pumpkin pie smoothie bowl

Ok, so this pumpkin pie smoothie bowl isn’t actually baked.  But it looks so delicious, and it’s so pretty!

6. Source: Veggie Desserts

quick pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Back to baking with these quick pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

7. Source: All in All

gluten free pumpkin spice waffles

You can feel good about eating these gluten free pumpkin spice waffles for breakfast!

8. Source: It’s Yummi

pumpkin muffins topped with bacon streusel

Pumpkin muffins topped with bacon streusel.  You heard me, BACON STREUSEL.

9. Source: All in All

glazed pumpkin buttermilk donuts

Glazed pumpkin buttermilk donuts sound like the perfect fall breakfast indulgence.

10. Source:  Wholesome Yum

Healthy paleo pumpkin muffins

If you eat a gluten free, low carb, paleo diet, you can still have pumpkin muffins!

11. Source: All in All

pumpkin pancakes

Come on over on Sunday and make me a plate full of these pumpkin pancakes, please.

12. Source: Five Minutes for Mom

healthy pumpkin breakfast cookies

Looking for a healthy, quick breakfast on the go?  Try these pumpkin breakfast cookies.


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