11 Beautiful Fall Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are always delicious, but they can be gorgeous, edible art, too.  Here are 12 beautiful autumn sugar cookies to inspire you.

12 beautiful fall sugar cookies

1.  Source: Bake at 350

sugar cookies: pumpkins with succulents and flowers thank you sugar cookies

I love the soft colors and the mix of royal icing flowers and succulents on these darling pumpkin sugar cookies.

2. Source: Sweet Sugarbelle

pumpkin pie slice sugar cookies

What could be more perfect for fall than pumpkin pie, in any form?  I love these mini pumpkin pie sugar cookies.

3. Source: Mama Mayer Bakery

gorgeous handpainted fall sugar cookies

Gorgeous, hand-painted sugar cookies show off the best of the autumn season.

4. Source: Baked on Briar

Gorgeous fall leaves sugar cookies with edible gold

I love the unexpected pops of blue and deep green in this collection of fall leaf cookies.  The gold paint adds an elegant touch, too.

5. Source: Wilton

watercolor style painted autumn leaf sugar cookies

Watercolor style painting is the perfect technique for making colorful, natural, gorgeous fall leaf sugar cookies.

6. Source: Tea Party Cakes by Naomi

cherry pie sugar cookies

More pie!  This time cherry pie, in adorable cookie form.

7. Source: Hobeika Art

beautiful fall trees painted sugar cookies

I love the mix of textured icing and hand-painting techniques on these fall sugar cookies.

8. Source: Tikkido

Fall leaves watercolor royal icing sugar cookies

The leaves on these fall leaf wreath cookies are made from wafer paper painted with food coloring.

9. Source: Arty McGoo

Arty McGoo fall patterned dear head sugar cookies

I love the patterned deer heads on these gorgeous autumn cookies.  The fabric-inspired designs add such a whimsical touch, and the wood paneled effect is remarkable.

10. Source: Tikkido

basket of sunflowers sugar cookies

These cookies look like a basket of sunflowers.  What a cheerful way to welcome autumn.

11. Source:  Sweet Sugarbelle

Indian corn decorated sugar cookies

I love the colors on these Indian corn sugar cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle.

12. Source: Cupcookie

polka dot sugar cookie pumpkins

The shading and the gilded polka dots on these sugar cookie pumpkins is absolutely delightful.  Whimsical, yet elegant.

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