13 Wonderful Hot Chocolate Recipes

Hot cocoa season is here at last!  Here are 13 warm and wonderful hot chocolate recipes to keep you cozy this winter.

13 delicious hot chocolate recipes for fall and winter.

1.  Source: Tikkido

homemade basic hot cocoa mix recipe

Once you make homemade hot chocolate mix, you’ll never go back to those store-bought packets again.

2. Source: Cincy Shopper

pumpkin white hot chocolate recipe

Not a chocolate person?  Snuggle up with a mug of this pumpkin white hot chocolate.

3. Source: Tasty Yummies

vegan candy cane hot chocolate mix

Here’s a vegan hot chocolate recipe for all your dairy-free friends.

4. Source: Strength and Sunshine

healing tahini hot chocolate recipe

Boost the nutritional value of hot chocolate with this tahini cocoa recipe.

5. Source: Cincy Shopper

Peppermint white chocolate hot cocoa recipe

White chocolate and peppermint pair perfectly in this white hot chocolate recipe.

6. Source: In Katrina’s Kitchen

Hot chocolate stir sticks

These hot chocolate stir sticks make fabulous gifts for friends and neighbors.

7. Source: The Bojon Gourmet

Fresh mint hot cocoa with matcha mint homemade marshmallows

Doesn’t this fresh mint hot chocolate with homemade matcha marshmallows look gorgeous?

8. Source: Well Plated

french hot chocolate recipe

I’d say a cheerful “Bonjour!” to any day that started with this French hot chocolate recipe.

9. Source: Tikkido

Doctor Who hot chocolate recipe

Like hot chocolate AND geekery?  Try this Whovian hot chocolate recipe.

10. Source: Celebrating Sweets

nutella hot chocolate recipe

I didn’t think hot chocolate could get any better… but here comes along Nutella hot chocolate to prove me wrong.

11. Source: Tikkido

white hot chocolate recipe

Make white hot chocolate mix for friends and family who don’t care for regular cocoa.

12. Source: Delightful E Made

Amaretto hot chocolate recipe

This amaretto hot chocolate is the perfect grown-up version of the classic cocoa treat.

13. Source: Imperial Sugar

unicorn hot chocolate recipe

I couldn’t neglect to share Unicorn Hot Chocolate.  It’s just too much fun!

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