12 Fabulous Fudge Recipes for your Christmas Baking

Ooooh, Fudge.  What a fabulous treat to make for those holiday goodie and cookie trays!  I love the amazing variations and flavors out there, too.  I’m going to have to try that maple bacon fudge for sure, this year.

12 fabulous fudge recipes for Christmas goodie trays

1. Source: Aunt Bee’s Recipes

chocolate mint layered fudge recipe

You can’t go wrong with chocolate and mint together!  I love the pretty layers in this mint fudge recipe.

2. Source: Something Swanky

Pralines and Cream fudge recipe

Pralines and cream ice cream is my favorite flavor ever, so I’m pretty sure that I’d adore this pralines and cream fudge recipe, too.  Just look at those swirls of caramel!

3. Source: Back for Seconds

Easy chocolate peanut butter layered fudge recipe

Double decker, layered chocolate and peanut butter fudge is a Christmas classic.

4. Source: Frugal Mom, Eh

Old fashioned maple walnut fudge recipe

Old fashioned maple and walnut fudge is SO GOOD.

5. Source: Mom on Time Out

Triple Chocolate Turtle Fudge recipe

Oooh, look at the gooey caramel bits in this triple chocolate turtle fudge.

6. Source: Inside Bru Crew Life

Caramel Coffee fudge recipe

This caramel coffee fudge is totally ok to eat for breakfast, right?  Right?

7. Source: Ashlee Marie

Maple bacon fudge recipe

By that logic, I’m pretty sure this maple fudge with candied bacon is legitimate breakfast food, too.

8. Source: Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

Vanilla fudge recipe

Not a chocolate person?  This vanilla fudge looks heavenly.

9. Source: Baking Beauty

Eggnog Fudge recipe

Or how about an eggnog fudge recipe?

10. Source: Sprinkle Bakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Fudge recipe

Peanut butter and chocolate fudge gets extra pretty when swirled together like this.

11. Source: Julie Blanner

peanut butter fudge recipe

Or maybe you’re a peanut butter purist.  For you, there’s classic peanut butter fudge.

12. Source: Wine and Glue

Bailey's Irish Cream fudge recipe

Me, I think I’ll end the night with a piece of this Bailey’s Irish cream fudge.  Yum!

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