12 Homemade Liqueurs to Make for Christmas Gifts

I love edible gifts–and that includes drinkable gifts, too.  Here are 12 delicious liqueurs and infused alcohols to make this holiday season and give as gifts to friends and neighbors.

12 liqueurs to make and give as Christmas gifts.

1.  Source: Tikkido

gingerbread cream liqueur recipe for Christmas

This gingerbread cream liqueur is a twist on a classic homemade Irish cream recipe.  It’s the perfect festive Christmas nightcap.

2. Source: Pepper

homemade kahlua alcohol recipe

Sweet and cinnamony and full of coffee flavor, homemade Kahlua liqueur is amazing. You might not want to give any of it away.

3. Source:  All Day I Dream About Food

sugar free homemade hazelnut liqueur recipe

This is a sugar free, homemade hazelnut liqueur recipe.  Just look at that gorgeous color.

4. Source: Jelly Toast

citrus infused vodka recipe

Three varieties of infused vodkas in this blog post, but I like the ones with citrus best for the holiday gift-giving season, since citrus is just now coming into season.  It just feels right.

5. Source: Learn to Preserve

Apple Pie liqueur recipe

Save some of the fabulous fall flavor of the apple harvest by making this delicious apple pie liqueur.

6. Source: Tikkido

homemade limoncello recipe

Preserve all the bright flavors of lemon (a winter harvest fruit) for a hot summer day by making homemade limoncello.

7. Source: Sidewalk Shoes

homemade cranberry liqueur recipe

I’d love to have a Cosmopolitan cocktail made with this homemade cranberry liqueur.

8. Source: An Italian in my Kitchen

Homemade nutella liqueur

9. Source: As Easy as Apple Pie

Homemade Bailey's Irish cream liqueur recipe

10. Source: Roxy’s Kitchen

homemade sour cherry liqueur recipe

Roxy’s Kitchen shared their old family recipe for homemade sour cherry liqueur.  Now where do I find some sour cherries??

11. Source: Savvy Eatshomemade chai liqueur recipe

This homemade creamy chai liqueur sounds absolutely AMAZING.

12. Source: Manu’s Menu

Homemade white chocolate liqueur recipe

This is a recipe for homemade white chocolate liqueur.   I usually go for regular chocolate, but I’d love to try this!

Are you making homemade liqueurs to give as gifts this year?  I love these 8.5 oz swing topper glass bottles for gift giving.

8.5 oz glass bottle with swing topper

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