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Baking isn’t always sweet!  Here are 13 elegant appetizers to whip up for a New Year’s Eve party.

13 elegant new year's eve appetizers


Bring on the bubbly!  Here are 12 sparkling cocktail recipes to help you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

12 bubbly cocktail recipes for New Year's Eve


Who has time to cook on Christmas morning?  Make one of these 12 amazing make-ahead breakfasts instead.

Twelve delicious make-ahead breakfast recipes for Christmas morning


Cookies are dandy, but I want some candy on my Christmas goodie trays.  Which recipe would you try first?

12 amazing Christmas candy recipes


Christmas cookies are gorgeous in colors beyond traditional red and green.   Check out how amazingly beautiful these 14 sugar cookies are with their icy, wintery pastel colors.

14 gorgeous pastel decorated Christmas sugar cookies


Are you excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi?  Yeah, us, too.  Let’s celebrate opening day with this roundup of 12 fabulously fun Star Wars themed snacks and treats.

12 star wars snacks and treats to make for the opening of The Last Jedi (more…)

I can never get enough Christmas cookie recipes–I want to make them ALL!  So here are 13 more amazing cookie recipes for you to add to your cookie tray.

13 delicious Christmas cookie recipes to bake this holiday season


Looking for some absolutely spectacular cookies to add to your Christmas cookie tray?  Look no further, these are ALL outrageously good.

13 Christmas Cookie Recipes


Happy national Gingerbread House Day!  (It’s celebrated every December 12th.)   If you’re thinking of making a gingerbread house this holiday season, here are 10 amazing gingerbread houses to get those creative juices flowing.

10 gorgeous gingerbread houses


If someone wanted to get me bread for Christmas, I wouldn’t mind.  And look, there are 12 Christmas bread recipes in this post.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Christmas bread recipes