10 Irresistible Italian Christmas Cookie Recipes

I don’t know much about Italian pastries, except that I ate a LOT of them when I was in Italy, and they were all absolutely amazing.  I’m definitely going to try some of these Italian Christmas cookies this year.

10 Italian Christmas cookie recipes

1.  Source: An Italian in my Kitchen

Italian almond crescent Christmas cookies recipe

Ok, so these cookies are actually called Viennese Almond Crescent Cookies, but the author lives in Italy, and says that the Italians love them!

2. Source: Cakes Cottage

Italian vanilla Christmas cookies recipe

This recipe for Italian vanilla Christmas cookies is so basic, but so good1 .

3. Source: Cooking Classy

Italian ricotta cookie recipe

These Italian Christmas cookies are made with ricotta cheese!

4. Source: Saving Room for Dessert

Italian Cucidati fig cookies recipe

I love fig cookies so much!  If you’re a fig cookie lover, too, you have to try this recipe for cucidati.

5. Source: Just a Little Bit of Bacon

Italian pignoli cookies gluten free pine nut cookies

These Italian pignoli cookies are naturally gluten free.

6. Source: Tara’s Multicultural Table

Italian pizzelle waffle cookies recipe

Italian pizzelle cookies are made in an iron, rather than baked.  They’re crunchy and light and sweet and wonderful!

7. Source: 196 Flavors

befanini Italian cookie recipe

Be sure to read the charming story that goes along with these traditional befanini Italian cookies.

8. Source: Yummy Addiction

Italian struffoli honey balls recipe

Struffoli, Italian fried honey dough balls, aren’t exactly cookies, but they’re sweet and delicious and tiny.  I’m including them.

9. Source: Olivia’s Cuisine

Italian amaretti cookies recipe

Italian amaretti cookies are sweet and crunchy and perfect in every way.

10. Source: Texanerin

baci di dama hazelnut gluten free Italian cookie recipe

These baci di dama cookies are gluten-free hazelnut cookies from Italy.  And destined for my mouth.

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