12 Bubbly Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

Bring on the bubbly!  Here are 12 sparkling cocktail recipes to help you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

12 bubbly cocktail recipes for New Year's Eve

1. Source: Nomageddon

rose french 75 cocktail recipe

A classic French 75 cocktail gets a sparkling rosé twist in this cocktail.

2. Source: Sugar and Soul

champagne Shirley Temple cocktail recipe

Use champagne instead of soda to make a cocktail version of a Shirley Temple.

3. Source: Hunger Thirst Play

Sparkling Strawberry Martini cocktail recipe

This sparkling strawberry martini cocktail is perfect for a sparkling New Year’s Eve celebration.

4. Source: Having Fun Saving and Cooking

apple cider mule cocktail recipe

This cocktail recipe is an apple cider twist on a Moscow mule.

5. Source: Sugar and Soul

New Year's Eve Champagne Punch

Punch just seems right for a party, doesn’t it?  Try this recipe for New Year’s Eve Champagne Punch.

6. Source: Sweet and Savory Food

Elderberry Ginger Moscow Mules

Elderberry Ginger Moscow Mules sound amazingly delicious and look so pretty, too!

7. Source: DIY Candy


Dress up your New Year’s Eve champagne with this raspberry champagne cocktail.

8. Source: Nomageddon

Sparkling Shiraz Cocktail with Dark Chocolate Coated Cacao Nibs

This cocktail is amazingly elegant:  a sparkling shiraz cocktail with dark chocolate coated cacao nibs.

9. Source: Celebrating the Season

Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail Recipe

Pomegranate is one of my favorite winter flavors, so I love the idea of this sparkling pomegranate cocktail recipe.

10. Source: The Kitchen is my Playground

Champagne Margaritas recipe

Have you ever had margaritas made with champagne?  It’s SO GOOD!  And strong, so sip carefully.

11. Source: Serena Bakes Simply from Scratch

Strawberry grapefruit sparkling mimosa recipe

Strawberry grapefruit sparkling mimosas are an ideal New Year’s Day brunch cocktail.

12. Source: A Magical Mess

Raspberry and Orange Sparkling Screwdriver Drink Recipe

Doing a New Year’s Day brunch?  This sparkling raspberry and orange screwdriver cocktail recipe looks fabulously fresh and refreshing.

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