11 Amazing Vegan Dessert Recipes

Are you eating vegan this January?  Here are 11 amazing vegan desserts that will make you very happy you are!

11 amazing vegan dessert recipes

1. Source: Just Short of Crazy

no bake vegan peanut butter oat cookies recipe

No-bake vegan peanut butter and oat cookies make a great, delicious snack.

2. Source: Weary Chef

vegan rice pudding recipe

I think I love the coconut milk vegan version of rice pudding even more than regular rice pudding!

3. Source: Urban Bliss Life

amazing vegan chocolate cake recipe

My very favorite chocolate cake recipe happens to be a vegan chocolate cake.  I can’t wait to try this recipe out.

4. Source: The Baking Fairy

vegan chocolate chip banana muffins

Vegan chocolate chip banana muffins.  Breakfast or dessert?  I say both.

5. Source: Hunger Thirst Play

vegan banana bread recipe

For an added healthy bonus, this banana bread has no refined sugars, too!

6. Source: Two Healthy Kitchens

no bake gingerbread date balls recipe

Whip up some delicious, healthy treats with this no-bake gingerbread date balls recipe.

7. Source: The Baking Fairy

vegan dark chocolate pear turnovers recipe

These vegan dark chocolate pear turnovers are truly indulgent and impressive.

8. Source: Urban Bliss Life

frozen vegan cheesecake treats

These mini vegan cheesecake treats are the perfect frozen dessert on a warm day.

9. Source: Beaming Baker

These rich and indulgent vegan brownies are what dreams are made of.

These rich and indulgent vegan brownies are what dreams are made of.

10. Source: Heart of a Baker

vegan lemon bar cookies recipe

Regular lemon bars are most definitely not vegan, but this vegan version looks every bit as tart and flavorful as the original.

11. Source: A Little Insanity

gluten free and vegan churro recipe

These churros are both vegan AND gluten free!  And they look absolutely delicious.

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