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If you love rhubarb as much as I do, this is the post for you.  I’ve rounded up 12 ridiculously delicious rhubarb recipes, from baked goods to drinks to frozen rhubarb delights.

12 Ridiculously delicious rhubarb recipes to Bake


It’s Fiesta time!  And here are 14 fabulous desserts to make your Cinco de Mayo celebration even more sweet.

14 Festive and fabulous Cinco de Mayo Desserts


Add fresh flowers to a dessert for instant WOW factor.  But be careful that they’re edible flowers!  Here are 18 utterly amazing desserts to make using fresh, edible flowers.

Collage of Spring Dessert Recipes using Edible Flowers optimized for pinterest.


These 12 delicious doughnut recipes will make you eager to wake up and start your day.

12 Delicious Homemade Donut Recipes (and One Really Clever Bonus Idea) (more…)

I’d feel lucky indeed to receive any of these gorgeous St. Patrick’s Day sugar cookies!

12 Stunning St. Patrick's Day Sugar Cookies


These dinosaur cupcakes, cakes, and cookies will make you roar with delight!

11 dinosaur cakes, cupcakes, and cookies


Want to make some sweets for your sweet this Valentine’s day?  Here are 12 delicious candy recipes to try.

12 valentine's day candies recipes


Here are 12 gorgeous, delicious Valentine’s day cookies that don’t require any cookie decorating skills.

12 Delicious Valentine's Day Cookies



Red velvet cake is a favorite around Valentine’s day.  If you’re a red velvet lover, here are 12 fun ways to indulge.

12 red velvet cake, cookie, and other recipes to make for Valentine's day or Christmas


Looking for the perfectly pink dessert recipe for Valentine’s day?  Here are 12 ravishingly rosy recipes to try.

12 perfectly pink dessert recipes for Valentine's day