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These dinosaur cupcakes, cakes, and cookies will make you roar with delight!

11 dinosaur cakes, cupcakes, and cookies


Everything seems more sweet and adorable in individual serving sizes, right?  That’s definitely true for these 13 amazing Valentine’s day cupcakes.

13 lovely valentine's day cupcakes


Wishing for some desert heat this January?  I live in Phoenix, and I can tell you, yeah, it’s nice.  Maybe a these gorgeous desert desserts will help the rest of you feel warm.

15 Stunning succulent cakes, cupcakes, and cookies


Unicorn food makes life more magical!  Here are 12 mystical and marvelous recipes and ideas to try.

12 magical unicorn sweets and treats to make


Are you excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi?  Yeah, us, too.  Let’s celebrate opening day with this roundup of 12 fabulously fun Star Wars themed snacks and treats.

12 star wars snacks and treats to make for the opening of The Last Jedi (more…)

I love cupcakes.  They’re small, individually sized desserts (no cutting and serving!) and there are so many ways to decorate them for any occasion.  Get inspiration from these 12 tutorials and ideas for clever Christmas cupcakes.

12 clever Christmas cupcake tutorials and ideas.


Is there anything better than a cupcake?  A cute, delicious cake, all for you.  If you’re thinking of making cupcakes this fall, here are 10 sweet and stunning cupcake recipes and tutorials to give you inspiration.

10 Sweet Cupcake Recipes for Fall