9 Hauntingly Fabulous Halloween Sugar Cookies

These Halloween themed sugar cookies are almost too frighteningly beautiful to eat!  Almost.  Pass me one.

1.  Source: Arty McGoo

Creepy or elegant?  Who says you have to choose just one.

2. Source: Tikkido

Don’t those moons look realistic?  You won’t believe how easy they are to make.

3.  Source: Arty McGoo

Another hauntingly beautiful cookie from Arty McGoo!

4: Source: Arty McGoo

I really should just call this roundup the “Arty McGoo makes the best cookies ever” roundup.  Love these painted cookies.

5. Source:  The Cookie Countess

I love the mix of spooky and glam in these spooktacular Halloween cookies.

6. Source

A pumpkin and a haunted house all in one!

7. Source:  Arty McGoo

Can’t go wrong with Candy Corn!

8.  Source:  Arty McGoo

These cookies are so gorgeous they’re definitely worth hanging on the wall.

9. Source: Tikkido

Creepy crawly cookies–both a trick and a treat!

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