10 Brain-Busting Zombie Themed Desserts

Braaaaaaaains….  Shuffle on over and see the ten tastiest zombie-themed desserts around.

1. Source: Frog Prince Paperie

Make a brain cake, complete with edible, delicious blood.  Yes, there’s a recipe for edible blood!

2. Source: Tikkido

Here’s a fun twist on traditional printable cupcake toppers–have them being held by skeletal arms bursting from the grave.

3. Source: The Decorated Cookie

Don’t have much time to whip up some impressive treats?  Make these incredibly easy chocolate zombie pops.

4. Source: Ann’s Entitled Life

It’s a Zombie cocktail.. and it’s ON FIRE.

5. Source: A Magical Mess

Ooey gooey pudding brains.  Braaaaaains.

6. Source: The Decorated Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies are always a good idea.  Who knew you could decorate them for Halloween?

7. Source: Hunny, I’m Home

We had pudding brains above, now we have jello brains, complete with strawberry sauce blood.

8. Source: The Decorated Cookie

Don’t be fooled by imitators, these are the original Zombie Marshmallow Pops!

9. Source:  Tikkido

Sure, the sign says these are Troll Boogers, but they could just as easily be green chocolate covered popcorn zombie boogers.

10. Source: The Decorated Cookie

I can’t resist the sweet and salty mix of chocolate covered pretzels any more than zombies can resist brains.



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