11 Glorious, Gorgeous Pies

Pie is always delicious, but it’s not known as the prettiest dessert around.  Just wait until you see these beauties!

11 gorgeous pies for Thanksgiving and beyond.

1. Source: Tikkido

Gorgeous rose apple tart

Slices of apples are shaped into roses in this elegant rose apple tart.

2. Source: Tastemade

Lemon meringue pie with beautiful meringue rosettes

Lemon meringue pie gets pretty with an easy meringue rosette topping.

3. Source: A Beautiful Mess

Peach pie with a clever crust

Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie!  I like the message I’m getting from this pie.

4. Source:  The Kitchen McCabe

Triple Berry Pie with a gorgeous vine and leaf pie crust

The pie crust on this triple-berry pie looks like a stunning, organic tangle of vines and leaves.

5. Source: Serious Eats

Herringbone pie crust blueberry pie

Weave your pie crust into a herringbone pattern–a step up from your standard lattice pie crust.

6. Source: Kudos Kitchen

Pumpkin pie with a thanksgiving turkey pie crust

A Thanksgiving pumpkin pie topped with a pie crust turkey will wow your guests this holiday.

7. Source: The Kitchen McCabe

Strawberry rhubarb pie with stunning rose pie crust

Pie crust is rolled into roses to top this stunning strawberry rhubarb pie.

8. Source: Monika Hibbs

Stunning braided and woven pie crust, pie decorated with fresh flowers

I love the mix of wide and narrow and braided pastry strips on this apple pie.  The fresh flowers are a gorgeous touch, too.

9. Source: Land-o-Lakes

Cherry apple pie with a lovely floral and woven pie crust

This cherry apple pie features a mix of widths in the lattice weave, and pastry leaves and flowers.

10. Source: Wry Toast

Goat cheese savory pie

Here’s a savory goat cheese pie that’s sure to please.  The colors of the heirloom tomatoes provide all the beauty you need to create a stunning pie.

11. Source: Hearty Bakes

Lattice pie crust and pie crust flowers

Tiny pastry flowers and leaves are layered on a classic lattice crust to create this gorgeous pie.

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