12 Pumpkin Desserts that AREN’T Pie

Pumpkin is delicious in so many things that aren’t pie, so if you don’t like pie (I forgive you, but I don’t understand you), here are 12 amazing pumpkin desserts for fall that aren’t pie.

12 pumpkin desserts for Thanksgiving that aren't pie

1.  Source: Home Cooking Memories

homemade pumpkin marshmallows recipe

Have you ever made homemade marshmallows?  It’s a little sticky, but the results are amazing.  I’ve only ever made vanilla marshmallows, but I’m dying to give these pumpkin marshmallows a try.

2. Source: An Italian in my Kitchen

pumpkin gelato recipe

Every season is ice cream season, and this easy pumpkin gelato recipe proves it.

3. Source: Simply Stacie

pumpkin gingerbread bread pudding recipe

I didn’t like bread pudding when I was a kid, but now I can’t get enough of it.  This pumpkin gingerbread bread pudding looks like a wintery dream come true.

4. Source: Centsable Momma

pumpkin cheesecake recipe

I usually go for plain cheesecakes over flavored ones, but pumpkin cheesecake sounds like a flavor match to die for.

5. Source: Isabel Eats

baked pumpkin churro recipe

Baked pumpkin churros.  You heard me.  Why are we not eating these already?

6. Source: Veggie Desserts

APPLE AND PUMPKIN CRUMBLE WITH GINGERBREAD OAT TOPPINGCombine two of fall’s best flavors in this recipe for apple and pumpkin crumble with gingerbread oat topping.

7. Source: Tikkido

pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing recipe

Soft, pillowy pumpkin cookies topped with cream cheese icing are one of the very best things in the world.

8. Source: My Life Cookbook

healthy pumpkin pie pudding recipe

Healthy pumpkin pie pudding? This is a treat I’d be happy to eat all fall long!

9. Source: Mom Does Reviews

decadent pumpkin pudding dessert recipe

Or maybe you’re more interested in a decadent pumpkin pudding recipe.  We’ve got you covered for that, too.

10. Source: Munchkins and Military

pumpkin spice natialla recipe

Pumpkin spice natilla is a Cuban custard style dessert that sounds absolutely amazing.  Must experience this for myself, and soon!

11. Source: Dear Crissy

pumpkin sopapilla cheesecake bars

Pumpkin sopapilla cheesecake bars sound like a delicious blend of textures and flavors.  Just look at that crunchy top and gooey center!

12. Source: Baking a Moment

pumpkin crepe cake recipe

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how perfectly made this pumpkin crepe cake is.  My crepe cakes always look more like crepe domes, not cakes.  This one is absolutely perfectly shaped, AND sounds amazingly delicious.  I want to go to Baking a Moment’s house for dessert!

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