10 Tasty Thumbprint Cookies Recipes

Thumbprint cookies are a staple of holiday cookie trays for good reason–they’re delicious and easy!  They’re also endlessly adaptable.  Check out these 10 tasty variations on the classic thumbprint cookie.

10 Tasty thumbprint cookie recipes

1.  Source: A Latte Food

apple pie thumbprint cookie recipes

Instead of filling thumbprint cookies with jam, how about filling them with apple pie filling?

2. Source: the Recipe Critic

salted caramel chocolate chip thumbprint cookie recipe

Salted caramel chocolate chip thumbprint cookies!!  These look like cookie perfection.

3. Source: Chew Out Loud

buttery jam thumbprint cookies recipe

There’s nothing better than a classic thumbprint cookie.  I just love the texture the jam gets when it is baked!

4. Source: White Lights on Wednesday

Eggnog thumbprint cookies recipe

How about these eggnog thumbprint cookies for your Christmas cookie tray?

5. Source: Tikkido

Peanut Butter Nutella Thumbprint Cookies

Are you a chocolate and peanut butter person?  These peanut butter thumbprint cookies are filled with Nutella.  They’re just as good as you’re imagining right now.

6. Source: The Chunky Chef

Turtle Twix thumbprint cookies

These Turtle Twix thumbprint cookies have everything I want in a baked treat.  Namely, caramel.

7. Source: Scrappy Geek

pecan pie thumbprint cookies

Oooh, fill the thumbprint cookie with pecan pie filling!  Now there’s an idea!  It’s like making pecan tassies, but way less fussy.

8. Source: Julie’s Eats and Treats

chocolate mint fudge thumbprint cookies recipe

Chocolate and mint are another perfect flavor pair.  I love these chocolate mint fudge thumbprint cookies.

9. Source: Cooking Classy

raspberry almond thumbprint cookies recipe

Raspberry almond thumbprint cookies are another classic flavor combination.  I love how pretty the glaze drizzle is.

10. Source: The Flavor Bender

cheesy savory thumbprint cookies recipe

This is such a fabulous appetizer idea!  Cheesy thumbprint cookies with bourbon tomato jam.  WOW.  I’m definitely making these for our annual Christmas party.

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