12 Clever Christmas Cupcake Tutorials and Ideas

I love cupcakes.  They’re small, individually sized desserts (no cutting and serving!) and there are so many ways to decorate them for any occasion.  Get inspiration from these 12 tutorials and ideas for clever Christmas cupcakes.

12 clever Christmas cupcake tutorials and ideas.

1. Source: Sugar Hero

Amazing snow globe cupcakes made with gelatin bubble globes

These snow globe cupcakes are the COOLEST THINGS EVER!  The glass dome is actually made out of a gelatin bubble.

2. Source: Tikkido

Two methods for making swirled peppermint cupcake icing

Two tutorials for making a swirl of two-tone, peppermint buttercream icing to top your Christmas cupcakes.

3. Source: Smart Schoolhouse

Santa Hat Cupcakes Instructions

These Santa hat cupcakes are adorable, and easy to make with some very simple icing piping techniques.

4. Source: Just a Taste

Cupcakes with chocolate pretzel Christmas tree edible cupcake toppers

Edible cupcake toppers are the best!  I love these simple chocolate and pretzel Christmas tree cupcake toppers.

5. Source: One Little Project

Easy snowman cupcake instructions and tutorial for Christmas

No fancy cake decorating experience needed to make these adorable snowman cupcakes.

6. Source: American Heritage Cooking

Spiced apple cider cranberry cupcakes

Apple cider cranberry cupcakes.  Doesn’t that sound like the perfect Christmas cupcake flavor ever?

7. Source: Lydia Bakes

Cupcakes with buttercream icing Christmas Trees on top

Pipe your buttercream icing to make your cupcakes look like Christmas trees with this tutorial.

8. Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

North Pole Cupcakes for Christmas

How cute and simple is this idea for North Pole cupcake toppers?

9. Source: The Cake Blog  (written by The Cake Girls)

Pink Christmas cupcake wreath tutorial

I’m not usually a big fan of cupcake cakes, but I LOVE this pink holly wreath collection of cupcakes.

10. Source: I am Baker

Chocolate candy Christmas tree cupcake toppers tutorial

Turn store bought chocolates into adorable, tiny Christmas tree cupcake toppers.

11. Source: Stocksy

Cupcakes topped with tiny gingerbread houses

This is just an image, not a tutorial, but you can use any good gingerbread house recipe to make these adorable, edible cupcake toppers.

12. Source: The Cake Blog

Chocolate gingerbread cupcakes recipe

Mmm, chocolate and gingerbread pair so well!  And I love the edible cupcake toppers made of tiny gingerbread cookies dipped in dark chocolate.

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