12 Traditional (and Not-So-Traditional) Christmas Pudding Recipes

12 traditional steamed Christmas pudding recipes

1. Source: Sweet Paul Magazine

Downton Abby Christmas pudding recipe

This fruit and brandy infused traditional English steamed Christmas pudding recipe is the real deal!

2. Source: Sainsbury’s Magazine

Ginger steamed Christmas pudding with hard sauce recipe

This is a traditional steamed Christmas cranberry gingerbread pudding with ginger sauce.  It’s the real deal, too, but takes a little less time to cook!

3. Source: Two Chums

Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas pudding recipe

This is allegedly Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas pudding recipe.  Finish Christmas dinner like royalty!

4. Source: Scotland’s Enchanting Kingdom

Scottish Christmas pudding recipe

Steam up this recipe for a traditional Scottish Christmas pudding this year.

5. Source: Olive Magazine

gingerbread Christmas pudding with eggnog sauce.

Here’s a twist on a traditional pudding:  a gingerbread Christmas pudding with eggnog sauce.

6. Source: Nitty Gritty Life

Charles Dickens' Christmas Figgy Pudding recipe

What Christmas meal would be complete without Charles Dickens’ figgy pudding?

7. Source: What’s Cooking America

plum pudding Christmas pudding recipe

Did you know there are no plums in plum puddings?

8. Source: Little Sweet Baker

persimmon pudding cake recipe

Persimmon pudding is one of my favorite things in the world.  Do yourself a favor and make this recipe.

9. Source:  Tikkido

Sticky toffee pudding recipe

There’s no toffee in Sticky Toffee Pudding, but there are dates!  And it is really, really delicious.

10. Source: Every Nook and Cranny

Instant pot steamed Christmas pudding recipe

Making a traditional steamed Christmas pudding only takes about an hour in an Instant Pot pressure cooker, and doesn’t require all that supervision and addition of extra water!  If you’re going to make a traditional Christmas pudding this year, this is the way to go!

11. Source:  Daily Mail

Chocolate steamed Christmas pudding recipe

Not a fan of traditional Christmas pudding flavors?  Here’s a chocolate one for you, instead!

12. Source: Taste of Home

steamed cranberry Christmas pudding recipe

It was a Cranberry Christmas pudding that made me fall in love with traditional steamed puddings.  I love the tart fruit flavor mixed in with the other rich flavors.

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