13 Delicious Eggnog Desserts to Bake this Christmas Season

Love eggnog?  Me, too.  So drink it all season long, AND make one of these 13 delicious, irresistible eggnog desserts this Christmas season.

13 delicious eggnog treats to bake this Christmas season

1. Source: Liv for Cake

spiked eggnog cake recipef

this is a rum spiked eggnog layer cake with cream cheese frosting.  Do I really need to say more?

2. Source: The Domestic Rebel

no bake eggnog pie recipe

3. Source: Cooking with Ruthie

eggnog bundt cake with egg nog frosting recipe

This cake is egg nog cake with egg nog frosting.  Double egg nog.  Double the awesome.

4. Source: Baking Beauty

eggnog cheesecake recipe

Cheesecake can only be improved and augmented by a few things and remain as awesome as the original.  Eggnog is one of those things.

5. Source: Flavor mosaic

eggnog tres leches cake recipe

A tres leches cake is obviously destined to be adapted to an eggnog tres leches cake.  Obviously.  Also, YUM.

6. Source: Self-Proclaimed Foodie

eggnog pound cake recipe

Is there anything more Christmasy than an eggnog pound cake?  Well, is there?

7. Source: Life, Love, and Sugar

eggnog spice blondie cheesecake recipe

This Eggnog Spice Blondie Cheesecake is all your eggnog dreams come true.

8. Source: Baking Beauty

eggnog fudge recipe

Did you think fudge couldn’t get any better?  Hello, Eggnog Fudge!

9. Source: Shugary Sweets

frozen eggnog whipped cream for hot chocolate

Top you hot chocolate with this amazing frozen  eggnog whipped cream.  Mmmmmmm.

10. Source: Home CookingMemories

eggnog biscotti recipe

Eggnog biscotti sounds like the perfect way to start my day.  With coffee, of course.

11. Source: Creations by Kara

caramel eggnog sauce recipe

This caramel eggnog sauce recipe is utterly dreamy.

12. Source: The Kitchn

homemade eggnog marshmallow recipe

Homemade eggnog marshmallows?  These were destined for hot chocolate.

13. Source: Yummy Healthy Easy

eggnog rice pudding recipe

Use up those leftovers with this amazing eggnog rice pudding recipe.

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