10 Gingerbread Houses for National Gingerbread House Day

Happy national Gingerbread House Day!  (It’s celebrated every December 12th.)   If you’re thinking of making a gingerbread house this holiday season, here are 10 amazing gingerbread houses to get those creative juices flowing.

10 gorgeous gingerbread houses

1. Source: Tikkido

chalet style gingerbread house decorated with royal icing

You don’t need a lot of expensive candy decorations to make a gorgeous gingerbread house.  This one is decorated with just white royal icing.

2. Source:  Vintage Kitty

Victorian storefront gingerbread house template

I love this Victorian storefront gingerbread house–and templates are included in the post!

3. Source: Gingerbread Journal

gingerbread pretzel log cabin

Don’t feel up to baking a gingerbread house?  Interpret the project a little more loosely, like with this charming pretzel log cabin.

4. Source: Tikkido

gingerbread birdhouse design for Christmas

This gingerbread birdhouse has minimal decorations, but looks just as sweet as an elaborately decorated house.

5. Source: Sweetopia

sweet light pink gingerbread house

Think beyond basic Christmas colors for your gingerbread houses.  This icy pink gingerbread house is absolutely stunning.

6. Source: Goodies by Anna

intricate gingerbread house, lit up, with a working chimney

You would not BELIEVE the amazing detail on this (and IN this) gingerbread house!  Click through for tons of AMAZING pictures.  Two words to tempt you:  working fireplace.

7. Source: worth Pinning

gingerbread house tutorial

Visit the blog for a step by step tutorial to make this charming gingerbread house.

8. Source: Huffington Post

gingerbread house hogwarts castle

Holy Harry Potter, Batman!  It’s a gingerbread Hogwarts castle!

9. Source: Buns of Fun

stunning gingerbread lighthouse design

This gingerbread lighthouse is absolutely stunning!

10. Source: Remodelaholic

beautiful traditional gingerbread house design

I love the non-traditional use of black accents on this gingerbread house.

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