13 (More) Christmas Cookie Recipes

I can never get enough Christmas cookie recipes–I want to make them ALL!  So here are 13 more amazing cookie recipes for you to add to your cookie tray.

13 delicious Christmas cookie recipes to bake this holiday season

1. Source: Tikkido

Chocolate gingerbread cookies designed and shaped for dunking in milk

These gorgeous chocolate gingerbread cookies are shaped and designed for dunking in milk.

2.Source:  Oat and Sesame

Chewy molasses gingersnap cookie recipe

You can make these gingersnap cookies either soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy with the instructions in the link above.  (Soft and chewy for me, please!)

3. Source:  Taste and See

White chocolate gingerbread thumbprint kiss cookies recipe

White chocolate gingerbread thumbprint kiss cookies!  Oooh, yes, please.

4. Source: The Kitchen is my Playground

chocolate kiss cookies with Christmas sprinkles

Or how about these chocolate kiss cookies with Christmas sprinkles?

5. Source: An Italian in my Kitchen

whipped chocolate chip shortbread cookies

Great ingredients make these whipped chocolate chip shortbread cookies absolutely irresistible.

6. Source: Living Sweet Moments

walnut crescent cookies

These walnut crescent cookies are tender and crumbly.

7. Source: Tikkido

gluten free chocolate crinkle cookies

These intensely chocolaty and delicious crinkle cookies are actually gluten free!  You’ll never miss the flour.

8. Source: Ann’s Entitled Life

Homemade slice and bake sugar cookies

Love those slice and bake sugar cookies with the shapes inside?  You can make your own!

9. Source: Taste and See

peppermint marshmallow hot chocolate cookies

Peppermint marshmallow hot chocolate cookies–doesn’t that sound like Christmas cookie perfection?

10. Source: Tikkido

Chocolate dipped chocolate shortbread cookies

Need to make a Lot of cookies, and FAST?  Check out these chocolate dipped chocolate shortbread cookies.

11. Source: Our Piece of Earth

gluten free santa hat meringue cookies

Aren’t these Santa hat meringue cookies absolutely darling?  Naturally gluten free, too.

12. Source: To Simply Inspire

raspberry pecan swirl cookies recipe

Raspberry and pecan gets swirled into these delicious pinwheel cookies.  Fabulous flavor in every bite.

13. Source: Liv for Cake

dark chocolate candy cane cookies recipe

These dark chocolate candy cane cookies are absolutely gorgeous!

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