12 Stellar Star Wars Snacks to Make and Bake

Are you excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi?  Yeah, us, too.  Let’s celebrate opening day with this roundup of 12 fabulously fun Star Wars themed snacks and treats.

12 star wars snacks and treats to make for the opening of The Last Jedi

1. Source: Catch My Party

Star Wars stormtrooper marshmallows

These stormtrooper marshmallows look delicious, and so easy to make!

2. Source: Arts and Crackers

star wars string cheese tutorial

Ok, so it’s not a baked good, but these Star Wars string cheese stormtroopers were too cute not to include!

3. Source:  Sweet Sugarbelle

lightsaber Star Wars cookie edible cupcake toppers

I love edible cupcake toppers, and these easy lightsaber Star Wars cupcake toppers are just perfect.

4. Source: Tikkido

healthier peanut butter planet pops recipe and tutorial

These are peanut butter planet pops.  Maybe slightly healthier than cake pops?  Maybe?  But just as delicious and awesome!

5. Source: Printabelle

Star Wars Snack Mix Recipe

No baking required to make this awesome, delicious Star Wars snack mix.

6. Source: Sugar Spice and Glitter

Star Wars galactic space toffee crackers

Cracker toffee with a galactic twist!  My mouth would become a black hole that would suck it all in.

7. Source: Violet’s Custom Cakes

Fondant or gum paste Star Wars lightsabers make perfect cupcake toppers

Fondant or gum paste Star Wars lightsabers make perfect cupcake toppers.

8. Source: Arts and Crackers

Chewbacca cupcake tutorial with buttercream icing

I love this Chewbacca cupcake tutorial with buttercream icing.

9. Source: Celebrating Family

Star Wars tie fighter cookies tutorial

These Star Wars tie fighter cookies look easy and doable.

10. Source: Tania Whiteley

fondant topped Star Wars cupcakes

These fondant Star Wars cupcake toppers look more complicated to make than some of the other projects, but WOW, right?

11. Source: Totally the Bomb

Ewok granola bars tutorial

Who knew Ewoks could be delicious as well as cute?  These granola bar Ewoks are definitely both.

12. Source: Semi Sweet

Amazing Star Wars macarons

These Star Wars macarons are delicious, geeky perfection.


Star Wars chocolate molds, including Han Solo in Carbonite

Want to make some easy Star Wars treats?  Use these silicone molds to make delicious Star Wars chocolates (including this Han Solo frozen in carbonite mold!).  Buy it here.

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