14 Gorgeous Pastel Christmas Decorated Sugar Cookies

Christmas cookies are gorgeous in colors beyond traditional red and green.   Check out how amazingly beautiful these 14 sugar cookies are with their icy, wintery pastel colors.

14 gorgeous pastel decorated Christmas sugar cookies

1. Source: Burberrie Jam

pastel woodland Christmas sugar cookies

These icy colors are absolutely perfect in this winter woodland set of Christmas cookies.

2. Source: Terri Pringle Wood

Gorgeous pastel Christmas sugar cookie sleigh and snowflakes, decorated with royal icing

A Christmas cookie sleigh with shabby-chic style.  And look at the amazing detail on those snowflake cookies!

3. Source:  NatSweet’s (website here)

Sugar cookie Christmas gingerbread men and gingerbread houses and Christmas trees in soft, pastel colors

I love this classic Christmas motif of gingerbread men and houses made with more pastel colors than you typically see.

4. Source: Terri Pringle Wood

Stunning Santa Claus Christmas sugar cookies in pastel colors

Most amazing Santa cookies ever?  Yeah, I think so, too.

5. Source: True Gifts from the Heart

Winter snowman and Christmas tree sugar cookies in pastel colors.

The luster dust shimmer finishing off these snowy Christmas sugar cookies is the perfect wintery touch.

6. Source: Terri Pringle Wood

Stunning Christmas sugar cookie with a royal icing village scene

Teri Pringle Wood, you have such AMAZING talent!  This sugar cookie looks like a Christmas cookie version of a Wedgewood plate.

7. Source: Arty McGoo

Winter window with a snowy scene outside--in sugar cookie form

Arty McGoo makes spectacular cookies.  This simple snowy scene through a sugar cookie window is absolutely inspired.

8. Source: Mio Biscotto

Adorable snowman pastel Christmas or winter sugar cookie

I love the dimension, the shading–absolutely everything about this charming pastel snowman sugar cookie!

9. Source: Sweetopia

Gorgeous pastel Christmas tree cookies

Follow the source link above for a tutorial showing you just how easy it is to make these beautiful pastel Christmas tree cookies.

10. Source: My Sweet Life

Pastel pink winter penguin cookies decorated with royal icing

These penguins all cozied up in pink hats and scarves make me happy!

11. Source: Teri Pringle Wood

Pastel Christmas gingerbread house cookies, winter village, decorated with royal icing.

More absolutely spectacular cookie artistry from Teri Pringle Wood.  Just look at the detail on these tiny pastel gingerbread house cookies!

12. Source: NatSweets

Pastel Christmas sugar cookie set, decorated with royal icing

Frosty pastel colors make this Christmas sugar cookie set absolutely adorable.

13. Source: Mint Lemonade Cookies

Stunning grey and yellow winter sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

It’s hard to make gray food look appealing, but Cookie Crumbs does it and does it brilliantly!  These winter sugar cookies are absolutely gorgeous, and the soft colors are spectacular.

14. Source: Make Bake Celebrate (website here)

Bright pastel Christmas village sugar cookies, decorated with royal icing.

I absolutely love the unconventional color palette of bright pastels and pure white in these charming Christmas sugar cookies.

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