12 (More!) Delicious Christmas Candies to Make

Cookies are dandy, but I want some candy on my Christmas goodie trays.  Which recipe would you try first?

12 amazing Christmas candy recipes

1. Source: Averie Cooks

old fashioned buttermint candy recipe

Old fashioned buttermint candies are so easy to make, and so delicious.  You can mold them in different shapes, but I love the classic pillowy cut pieces.

2. Source: Mom on Timeout

Homemade Christmas gummies recipe

These homemade gummy candies are made with Jello!

3. Source: Wallflower Kitchen

These peppermint meringue kisses are actually vegan!

These peppermint meringue kisses are actually vegan!

4. Source:  This Girl’s Life

pecan caramel log roll with nougat center candy recipe

I’ve always had a thing for those REALLY cheap caramels with nougat swirled in.  Like Cow Tails candy.  This looks like an infinitely better version of that candy that I adore so much.

5. Source: Baking Beauty

eggnog fudge candy recipe

Mmm, eggnog fudge!

6. Source: Garnish with Lemon

Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles recipe

Chocolate coated chocolate chip cookie dough  truffles.  A dozen for me, please.

7. Source: Aunt Bee’s Recipes

chocolate mint layered fudge recipe for Christmas

I love the bright green layer in this chocolate mint fudge.  It’s gorgeous.

8. Source: Tikkido

homemade marshmallow recipe

Have you ever made homemade marshmallows?  It’s pretty sticky, but it’s delicious!

9. Source: Bakerella

homemade gumdrop recipe

Here’s another homemade gumdrop recipe that lets you color and flavor the candies any way you want.

10. Source: Sugar Apron

easy peppermint candy bark recipe for Christmas

Peppermint bark is so easy to make, and is so delicious!

11. Source: Grandma’s Gluten Free Recipes

old fashioned peanut butter candy recipe

These old fashioned peanut butter candies only have two ingredients! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

12. Source:  Frog Prince Paperie

peanut butter and chocolate buckeye candies recipe

Classic chocolate and peanut butter buckeye candies are even prettier when topped with some candy holly garnish.

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