12 Magical Unicorn Sweets and Treats to Make

Unicorn food makes life more magical!  Here are 12 mystical and marvelous recipes and ideas to try.

12 magical unicorn sweets and treats to make

1. Source: Tikkido

unicorn cupcakes tutorial

Turn cupcakes (even store bought ones!) into magical unicorn cupcakes with this tutorial.

2. Source: Banner Events

unicorn cake pops

I can’t make cake pops to save my life, but I admire them.  Aren’t these unicorn cupcakes spectacular?

3. Source: Bread Booze Bacon

unicorn ice cream recipe

Unicorn ice cream is a good idea all year long!

4. Source: A Bajillian Recipes

caramel and chocolate covered pretzel unicorn horns

This tutorial cleverly uses caramel to create the perfect unicorn horn shape.

5. Source: Momdot

Unicorn muddy buddy recipe

Unicorn muddy buddies Chex mix is magically delicious!

6. Source: Some of This and That

DIY edible unicorn horn candies recipe

These unicorn horn candies are so clever! They use Jello for the flavor and color.

7. Source: Mac Lab

amazing unicorn macaron cookies

Ack, I die of unicorn cuteness from these macarons!

8. Source: Tikkido

unicorn rainbow bagels recipe and tutorial

Rainbow unicorn bagels are the best way to start your day.  Without a doubt.

9. Source: The Decorated Cookie

unicorn marshmallow pops tutorial

These easy unicorn marshmallow pops are absolutely perfect.

10. Source: Baker by Nature

baked funfetti unicorn doughnuts recipe

Funfetti baked unicorn doughnuts would make the most magical birthday breakfast.

11. Source: Jordan’s Easy Entertaining

Airbrushed unicorn sugar cookie tutorial

Can’t draw?  You can still make these amazing airbrushed unicorn cookies!

12. Source: Spaceships and Laser Beams

unicorn slushie recipe

This unicorn slushie is both magical AND delicious.

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