15 Stunning Succulent Cakes, Cookies, and Cupcakes

Wishing for some desert heat this January?  I live in Phoenix, and I can tell you, yeah, it’s nice.  Maybe a these gorgeous desert desserts will help the rest of you feel warm.

15 Stunning succulent cakes, cupcakes, and cookies

1. Source: Ivenoven

stunning buttercream succulent cake

Ivenoven makes absolutely stunning buttercream cakes of all sorts, but I particularly love her succulent wreath cakes.

2. Source: Kack Kaka

adorable buttercream cactus cupcakes

I love the brown sugar dirt on these darling cactus cupcakes.

3. Source: Camille styles

ombre cake decorated with real succulents

Take a look at this ombre cake decorated with real succulents.

4. Source: MakeZine

buttercream cactus cupcakes

The mottled crumb dirt on these buttercream cactus cupcakes is a lovely, realistic touch.

5. Source: Nicolettsy on Etsy

cactus heart cake topper

Wouldn’t this heart-shaped cactus cake topper be absolutely gorgeous on a boho wedding cake?

6. Source: Home Made With Love

royal icing cookies with succulent decorations

These succulent garden sugar cookies have brighter colors than the usual dusty color palette.

7. Source: wilton

individual buttercream succulents on mini cakes

Individual cakes are always cute, but these ones decorated with succulents are downright elegant.

8. Source: Roxstar Bakes

darling buttercream cactus cupcakes

What a delicious little buttercream cactus garden cupcake.

9. Source: Nana Cake

Stunning succulent cake and cupcakes

Nana Cake is an amazing sugar artist with magical powers over buttercream.  Check out her many succulent and flower cake creations.

10. Source: R.H. Bake

cactus garden cookies with royal icing decorations

These piped cactus royal icing decorations make a gorgeous cookie.

11. Source: Arty McGoo

cactus terrarium cookies

Cactus terrarium cookies!

12. Source: Arty McGoo

Gorgeous hexagon succulent cookies

I love the simplicity of these gold-flecked succulent cookies.

13. Source: Sugar and Charm

simple succulent cupcakes

Make simple, elegant succulent cupcakes with this tutorial.

14. Source: Cake Central

beautiful succulent wedding cake and gumpaste cactus tutorial

Or if you’re feeling more ambitious, make this gorgeous gumpaste succulent display with this tutorial.

15. Source: Babasouk

kitchy and cute cactus cookies decorated with royal icing

Let’s wrap up this round up with some kitchy and cute cactus cookies decorated with royal icing.

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