15 Beautifully Decorated Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Bake up some beautiful Valentine’s sugar cookies with these 15 tutorials and inspirational designs.

15 beautifully decorated valentine's day sugar cookies

1. Source: Bake at 350

Pizza valentine's day sugar cookies

Who doesn’t love a good Valentine’s day pun?  Especially in cookie form.

2. Source: Glorious Treats

Simple and easy Valentine's cookie sticks

These Valentine’s day stick sugar cookies are simple to make, but absolutely adorable.

3. Source: Munchkin Munchies

box of chocolates decorated sugar cookies

These are sugar cookies!  What a clever, fun idea for Valentine’s day cookies.

4. Source: Little Wonderland

love bird heart sugar cookies

What sweet little love bird cookies made from heart sugar cookies.

5. Source: Haniela’s

monogram sugar cookies tutorial

I love these monogram sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day.

6. Source: Sugar and Charm

brushstroke watercolor sugar cookies for valentine's day

These heart cookies are adorned with simple painted brush strokes.  What a beautiful, modern design.

7. Source: I Heart Sprinkles Cookies

Simple sprinkles heart Valentine's day cookies

These sprinkle-topped sugar cookie hearts are so simple, but so perfect.

8. Source: Sweet Sugarbelle

Darling Valentine's day love bird sugar cookies

Love birds!  How sweet are these Valentine’s day cookies?

9. Source: Melissa Joy Fanciful Cookies

tic tac toe valentine's day sugar cookies

Play a game of Tic Tac Toe with these fun Valentine’s day cookies.

10. Source: Semi Sweet Designs

gorgeous valentine's day sugar cookies

What a fabulous set of Valentine’s day cookies!

11. Source: Cookies by Missy Sue

Sugar cookies decorated like mason jars filled with hershey kisses chocolates

I love these mason jar cookies full of sugar cookie Hershey cookies.

12. Source: Sweet Ambs

Stunning decorated sugar cookies for Valentine's day

These Valentine’s day sugar cookies are absolutely stunning!  I think the eyelet design is my favorite.

13. Source: Sweet living Magazine

Love decorated sugar cookies for Valentine's day

Gift basket of Valentine cookies

14. Source: De Koekenbakkers

Love tattoo sugar cookie

This classic tattoo style design is perfect for a fun Valentine’s day cookie.

15. Source: Claudia’s Creative Cookies

Paint it yourself valentine's day sugar cookies

How fun are these sugar cookies that you can paint yourself?  It’s an activity and a delicious treat, all in one.

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