14 Decadent Chocolates to Make for Valentine’s Day

Ah, chocolate, the quintessential Valentine’s day treat.  If you’d like to make your own chocolates for your loved ones, here are 14 delectable recipes for you to try.

14 delicious chocolates to make for Valentine's Day

1. Source: Tikkido

Dark chocolate raspberry truffles

The secret ingredient in these dark chocolate raspberry truffles?  Freeze dried raspberries!  They add incredible REAL berry flavor.

2. Source: Six Sisters Stuff

chocolate covered red velvet cake bites

Love red velvet cake?  You’ll adore these white chocolate covered red velvet cake bites.

3. Source: Give Recipe

Valentine's day chocolate truffle recipe

You can’t go wrong with classic chocolate truffles.

4. Source: Ebay

Easy valentine's day chocolates tutorial

These easy Valentine’s day chocolates would be a ton of fun to make with kids.

5. Source: Garnish and Glaze

white chocolate raspberry truffles recipe

More of a white chocolate person?  Here are some amazing white chocolate raspberry truffles.

6. Source: Two Sisters

Valentine's day chocolate covered marshmallows tutorial

Another fabulous, kid friendly recipe, this one for Valentine’s day chocolate covered marshmallows.

7. Source: Satori Design for Living

Chocolate truffle hearts with sea salt

Fleur de sel heart shaped chocolate truffles.  Why yes, I will be your valentine.

8. Source: Well Plated

red wine dark chocolate truffles recipe for Valentine's day

Does it get any more perfect than these red wine dark chocolate truffles for Valentine’s day?

9. Source: Sugar Apron

Homemade chocolate covered cherries

Classic chocolate covered maraschino cherries–homemade!

10. Source: Tikkido

Chocolate covered strawberries decorated with real gold leaf

Chocolate covered strawberries are classic and delicious, but amp up the presentation with edible gold leaf flakes.

11. Source: Love and Olive Oil

Tart cherry fondant cream chocolate recipe for Valentine's day

I can’t wait to try this recipe for tart cherry fondant cream chocolates.

12. Source: Amy’s Healthy Baking

Healthy Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bark

Isn’t this healthy dark chocolate bark with raspberries and almonds absolutely gorgeous?

13. Source: Life, Love, and Sugar

Conversation heart Valentine's Day chocolate bark

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s day without iconic conversation hearts.  If you feel the same way, whip up some of this chocolate conversation heart chocolate bark.

14. Source: Wilton

Easy, cute Valentine's day chocolate pretzels

Whip up these easy, sweet and salty Valentine’s day chocolates.  Mmm, chocolates and pretzels are so good together!

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