12 Fresh and Fabulous Citrus Desserts

Did you know that winter is citrus season?  Let’s celebrate with some sunny flavors in these delicious citrus desserts–even if it’s still cold outside where you live.

12 Fresh and Fabulous Citrus Dessert recipes

1. Source: Tikkido

Orange bundt cake recipe

This orange bundt cake may look humble, but the flavor is AMAZING.

2. Source:   Our Best Bites

candied citrus peel recipe

Candied citrus slices dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt–what a wonderful way to preserve the fresh citrus in season now.

3. Source: Grandbaby Cakes

key lime pie cookies recipe

These key lime pie cookies look absolutely delicious!

4. Source: Tikkido

real lemon slice sugar cookies recipe

These sugar cookies have a very thin slice of real lemon imbedded in them for intense lemon flavor.

5. Source: Epicurious


Coconut and lime go so well together, and this coconut cake with lime curd filling sounds absolutely amazing.

6. Source: Diva Eats World


Here’s a fun citrus twist on linzer cookies: lemon poppy seed linzer cookies filled with lemon curd.

7. Source: The First Year Blog

orange cream pie recipe

I’ve had lots of lemon meringue pie, but I’ve never had an orange cream pie before.  But I will soon, I promise.

8. Source: Kitchen Heals Soul

coconut cookies with grapefruit curd filling

Coconut cookies with grapefruit curd filling–WOW.

9. Source:  Baker’s Royale

honey citrus cake recipe

This honey citrus cake sounds delicious, and looks absolutely stunning.

10. Source: An Italian in my Kitchen


This Italian fresh cream lemon cake is a sure crowd-pleaser.

11. Source: Sweet and Savory Meals

Mandarin orange olive oil cake

Just look at this mandarin orange olive oil cake with raspberry buttercream.  It’s stunning, and looks amazingly good.

12. Source: Tikkido

crepes suzette recipe

Classic crepes Suzette are a decadent, delicious dessert.  Plus, anything that gets set on fire is automatically cool.

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