13 Lovely Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Everything seems more sweet and adorable in individual serving sizes, right?  That’s definitely true for these 13 amazing Valentine’s day cupcakes.

13 lovely valentine's day cupcakes

1. Source: Life Love and Sugar

Valentine's day cupcakes with chocolate love edible cupcake topper

Pipe an edible chocolate text cupcake topper.  Sweet love–literally!

Valentine’s day cupcakes with chocolate love edible cupcake topper

2. Source: Cooking Classy

dark chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting

Or pipe simple shapes in chocolate to cover your cupcakes.  You can’t go wrong with chocolate and fresh raspberries.

3. Source: Blahnik Baker

Pink velvet tender buttermilk cupcakes.

Pink velvet tender buttermilk cupcakes.  If you’re a red velvet fan, you’ll love these!

4. Source: Life Made Simple

Chocolate Sweetheart cupcakes recipe

How simple is this, and how delicious?  Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate buttercream, and topped with a valentine’s day heart shaped chocolate.

5. Source: The Recipe Rebel

two tone rose cupcakes

Want to use those cake decorating skills?  Make these two tone rose cupcakes.

6. Source: The Cake Blog

love bug cupcakes

How adorable are these love bug cupcakes?  Yes, they’re cupcakes!!

7. Source: Whimsical Cupcakes

heart topped pink valentine's day cupcake

These simple fondant heart cupcake toppers are incredibly easy to make, but make this Valentine’s day cupcake so special.

8. Source: Lilie Bakery

surprise heart inside valentine's day cupcakes

Surprise!  There’s a cake heart inside these sweet Valentine’s day cupcakes!

9. Source: Sweetopia

royal icing valentine's day cupcake toppers

Use leftover royal icing to make these edible Valentine’s day cupcake toppers that look like Valentine’s day chocolates.

And if you’re crushing on those cake stands like I am, you can buy them here.

10. Source: Good to Know

red rose cupcake tutorial

Here’s another gorgeous buttercream icing rose cupcake tutorial–but this one is even easier!

11. Source: Happy Wed

Cupid's arrow valentine's day cupcakes

No instructions in this post, but it’s easy to figure out how to make these adorable Cupid’s arrows cupcake toppers.

12. Source: Let’s Eat Cake

Love monster valentine's day cupcakes

Love monster cupcakes!  The mustache puts it right over the top.

13. Source: Juniper Cakery

love note edible cupcake toppers for Valentine's day cupcakes

Check out the tutorial for making these love note edible cupcake toppers for Valentine’s day cupcakes.  So easy, and so cute!

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