12 Red Velvet Recipes to Make for Valentine’s Day (or Whenever)

Red velvet cake is a favorite around Valentine’s day.  If you’re a red velvet lover, here are 12 fun ways to indulge.

12 red velvet cake, cookie, and other recipes to make for Valentine's day or Christmas

1. Source: Simplistically Living

red velvet heart shaped cookies for Valentine's day

These red velvet, heart shaped crinkle cookies are perfect for Valentine’s day.

2. Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

classic red velvet cake recipe with cream cheese icing

I had to include classic red velvet cake, of course, with cream cheese icing.

3. Source: Dessert for Two

red velvet cake ball truffles

Have some red velvet cake left over?  Turn it into red velvet cake truffles!

4. Source: Just a Taste

red velvet white chocolate chip cookie recipe

These red velvet white chocolate chip cookies look so pretty!  And easy to make, since it starts with a cake mix.

5. Source: My Incredible Recipes

red velvet cheesecake recipe

Red velvet cheesecake–don’t mind if I do.

6. Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Red velvet whoopie pie cookies recipe

Red velvet whoopie pies have all the fun and flavor of a layer cake, but it a much more convenient package.

7. Source: Kevin and Amanda

red velvet oreo truffle brownies recipe

These red velvet oreo truffle brownies look amazingly decadent.

8. Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

red velvet chocolate chip cookie recipe

Red velvet chocolate chip cookies!  Doesn’t the texture look absolutely amazing and tempting?

9. Source: One Little Project

red velvet cheesecake brownies recipe

Red velvet cheesecake swirl brownies are gorgeous!  I wonder if you could swirl it in heart shapes for Valentine’s day?

10. Source: The Salty Marshmallow

red velvet hot chocolate recipe

Here’s a fun twist on red velvet flavor:  red velvet hot chocolate!

11. Source: Dash of Sanity

red velvet popcorn recipe

This red velvet popcorn snack looks tasty and fun.  I kind of want to make it for watching a horror movie.

12. Source: Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate covered baked red velvet donuts made with all natural coloring

I love that these chocolate covered, baked red velvet donuts are made with absolutely no artificial food coloring.

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