12 Delicious Valentine’s Day Cookies

Here are 12 gorgeous, delicious Valentine’s day cookies that don’t require any cookie decorating skills.

12 Delicious Valentine's Day Cookies


1. Source: Tikkido

chocolate covered strawberry cookies recipe

Chocolate covered strawberries in cookie form!  The secret ingredient?  Freeze dried strawberries.

2. Source: Two Sisters Crafting

Chocolate valentine's day cookies recipe

Chocolate is always a good idea for Valentine’s day.  So are cookies.  And add in some darling pink and red candies?  Perfect.

3. Source: Southern made Simple

Strawberry milkshake cookies for Valentine's Day

These strawberry milkshake cookies are absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day.

4. Source: Eugene Kitchen

rainbow heart slice and bake cookies

How absolutely gorgeous are these rainbow heart DIY slice and bake cookies?

5. Source: Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

Sugar cookie heart cutout cookies

Linzer torte jam cookies are absolutely delicious!  And the jammy heart in the center?  Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

6. Source: Tikkido

Shortbread caramel hearts with chocolate drizzle

The way to my heart?  Definitely through these shortbread cookies with salted caramel and a chocolate drizzle.

7. Source: Liv for Cake

Valentine's day heart macarons

Heart shaped macarons!   Gluten free, fabulous deliciousness.

8. Source: Number 2 Pencil

MnM Valentine's day bar cookies

I love bar cookies!  delicious, perfect, and SO easy.  With these Valentine’s day MnMs, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

9. Source: Midget Momma

gluten free meringue heart cookies

Are you gluten free?  These heart shaped meringue cookies are perfect and delicious.

10. Source: Tikkido

Alfajores dulce de leche sandwich cookies for Valentine's day

Dulce de leche alfajores sandwich cookies are utterly delicious.

11. Source: Cooking Classy

Heart shaped linzer cookie jam sandwich cookies

Heart shaped linzer torte cookies!  A Valentine’s day classic.

12. Source: Dessert for Two

Red velvet sugar cookies with white chocolate hearts

These red velvet sugar cookies with white chocolate hearts are absolutely perfect for Valentine’s day.

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