18 Spectacular Spring Dessert Recipes using Edible Flowers.

Add fresh flowers to a dessert for instant WOW factor.  But be careful that they’re edible flowers!  Here are 18 utterly amazing desserts to make using fresh, edible flowers.

Collage of Spring Dessert Recipes using Edible Flowers optimized for pinterest.

1. Source: Tikkido

Cake decorated with white icing and fresh chamomile flowers, lemons and chamomile flowers on surface below.

Honey chamomile tea cake tastes amazing, and is absolutely spectacular decorated with fresh chamomile flowers.

2. Source: The Cake Blog

Lavender colored blackberry lime cake decorated with fresh blackberries and purple edible flowers.

Here’s another stunning cake that uses fresh edible flowers and fruit to decorate the otherwise simple cake.   The edible flowers used to garnish this blackberry cake?  Micro pepper, alyssum and micro mint flowers.

3. Source:  The Decorated Cookie

Chocolate bark decorated with fresh edible yellow and pink flowers on a white background.

Chocolate or flowers for Mother’s day?  Why not give both with this stunning fresh edible flower chocolate bark recipe.

4. Source: A beautiful Mess

three Clear candy lollipops with edible real flowers embedded in the center of the candy.

Aren’t these DIY lollipops embedded with fresh edible flowers the prettiest things ever?

5. Source: What’s Cooking America

Lavender creme brulee with fresh lavender flowers on top, in white ramekins.

This lavender infused creme brûlée is the ultimate romantic dessert.

6. Source: The Blushing Cook

Three tier white wedding cake decorated with many colorful pressed flat fresh edible flowers.

*donk*   That’s the sound of my jaw hitting the ground after seeing this absolutely stunning tiered wedding cake decorated with real, fresh, edible flowers.

7. Source: Cooked

lemon cake topped with colorful pink purple and orange edible flowers, on a white cutting board.

Lemon cake topped with a garden of colorful, fresh, edible flowers. The blog is in Swedish, but the pictures speak for themselves!  (And also, Google will translate the recipe for you.)

8. Source: Tikkido

Large meringue pavlova topped with blackberries, blueberries, and fresh edible purple flowers, on a white cake stand.

Blueberry and blackberry pavlova is even more gorgeous with the addition of edible purple flowers.

9. Source: Acsencion Kitchen

Raw rocky road chocolate candies topped with rose petals on a white surface.

Raw Rocky Road candy gets an elegant twist with the addition of rose petals in this recipe.

10. Source: Poppytalk

Salted honey lavender pie on a blue cloth on a brown wooden table.

I’ve never heard of anything like a salted honey lavender pie!  But I love all pies, and this one sounds floral and sweet and perfectly summery.

11. Source: Fat of the Land

dandelion quick bread surrounded by fresh dandelion flowers.

Pick some of those dandelions from your yard and make this dandelion quick bread.  Is there anything more perfect for spring?

12. Source: Homespun Seasonal Living

Lilac honey cake decorated with white icing and fresh lilac blossoms on a late on a wooden table.

The intoxicating spring scent of lilacs gets baked into this lilac honey cake recipe. If only I could have fresh lilacs all year long!

13. Source: Katie at the Kitchen Door

Individual sized lilac blackberry pavlova with fresh lilac flowers and blackberry sauce on a white plate.

Sugared lilacs and blackberries make the perfect purple garnish for this gorgeous spring pavlova.

14. Source: Kitchen Vignettes

Lilac scones with rhubarb curd on a tray with fresh lilacs, held by a person outside.

Lilac scones with rhubarb curd sound like the most perfect spring treat ever, don’t they? What an amazing seasonal indulgence.  Make me a tray for breakfast tomorrow, please.

15. Source: The Answer is Cake

Lemon lavender bundt cake with one slice cut out and next to the cake on a wooden cutting board.

Lemon lavender bundt cake is easy to make, and a feast for the nose as well as the tastebuds.

16. Source: The Decorated Cookie

Sugar cookies decorated with real flowers on a white background.

Orange cookies topped with royal icing and real, pressed, edible flowers are absolutely stunning, and don’t really require any cookie decorating ability to make.

17. Source: Sweet C’s

Four pink candied rose petals on a weathered wooden surface.

Candied rose petals make an elegant garnish to any dessert plate or baked goods.

18. Source: Tikkido

Five glasses with a pale yellow cocktail and fresh marigold flowers and ice, topped with paper straws decorated by miniature tissue paper Mexican style flowers.

The Marigold Muerte cocktail is STRONG, but absolutely delicious. It features limoncello and marigold infused simple syrup and vino verde sparkling wine.

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